Jeans Glossary … get the perfect fit for your figure

Voluptuos Curves – classic or relaxed fits are best.They’ll give you ease and flattery in the bottom area without being big all over. Get a pair that sits on your hips rather than your waist. Concentrate on getting the waist and leg proportion just right. The waistband should sit just below your waist’s natural curve and the leg should skim your natural shape. A very tight waist with full legs is the worst proportion. Avoid too tight legs and small or widely spaced back pockets.

Curvy with Small Waist – stretch jeans will be great for you. Straight, tight cuts are perfect. Low-riders are the most flattering. A gentle flare will balance your hip curve. High-waisted jeans will make your bottom look disproportionately large.

Slim Bottom – stretch jeans but not too tight are best. *Slim leg, to follow same line as small bottom. Back pockets, decorative, even with flaps are great. Avoid stiff denim, baggy or boy cuts.

Short Waist – You need to make your torso longer so hipsters are perfect. They will give extra space to your top half and proportion. Absolutely no high-waisted jeans. Perhaps wedges or heels to give you more length.

Heavy Thighs – An easy fit on the hips and avoid tapered legs and anything oversize. Boot legs will balance your thighs where you are heavier Don’t tuck in tops but keep them close to the body without being skin tight. Avoid baggy tops. High, tight-waisted are very very wrong!

Small with Short Legs – Lengthen your legs and add curve. Wear heals and make sure the length is long enough but does not fold over shoe. Slightly higher than hip waistline and straight leg cut. Low cut jeans with wide legs will shorten you – avoid.

Long Waist – Lengthen legs and shorten torso. You can wear jeans a little higher than hipsters to disguise torso and snug fitting legs. Add more height with long hem and high heels. Avoid ankle cropped length.

Boyish Figure – For slim hips and straight waist, try to add curves to your figure. Experiment between high-waisted and low-rise straight leg jeans. The boy cut is great for you. Success is getting a waist line to optimise your curves.

For All Shapes – jeans look best in a medium to heavy weight denim. Thinner fabric will highlight, not hide bulges.

Basic Rules

‘Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist’

Pablo Picasso

  • Dress your shape not your size.
  • A well organised wardrobe is essential.
  • First impressions count.
  • Accentuate the good bits.
  • In an interview dress for the job you want.
  • Straighten up. Walking tall is exceptionally appealing.
  • A reliable tailor should be every womans key contact.
  • Well fitting underwear will make you look better in clothes.
  • Bare shoulders are one of fashion’s most effective decoys. They will offset a straight waist and wide hips and they are one of the last parts of a woman to age.
  • Where cleavage is concerned, a little is much better than a lot!
  • White adds weight, black reduces.
  • Big prints are fattening.
  • Shopping right before an event leads to overspending on something you don’t like.
  • Successful shoppers think of each new purchase as an extension of what they already have.
  • Keep clippings from magazines of looks you love. A clear picture will emerge of what you like.
  • Never wear chipped nail polish or scuffed heels.
  • Obvious displays of designer logos are not good!
  • Nothing is more luxurious than comfort and no one looks stylish in pain.
  • Every woman needs something to wear to a casual lunch; a job interview; a date; a black tie function.
  • There are exceptions to every rule!