If someone had to describe you, what would they say? What sets you apart from your peers/competition? What’s your signature look? A Brand Strategist can help you develop your own distinct Personal Brand.

The most challenging part of Personal Branding – actually, most things, is knowing where to start, and there are certain rules for creating an engaging, unique, and outstanding personal brand.
1.     Focus. What’s your message? Who are you? How do you want to be seen? What do you want to be known for? We can’t be all things to all people so don’t try. Keep your message and content consistent to your style, values, and expertise so you can become memorable within your targeted group.
2.     Be Genuine. The easiest way to have an original personal band is to be genuine and authentic. When your messaging is sincere, you engage with your audience more meaningfully whether it be face to face or on social media platforms.
3.     Tell a story. The importance of social media – this can be an opportunity for you to tell a story about yourself – through photos and videos in your personal life, and through self-authored articles you post on LinkedIn.
4.     Be Consistent. We need to be consistently punctual; productive; present; well groomed; reliable; and respectful to those around us. Don’t underestimate how tiny inconsistencies can impact personal brand effectiveness. People will always remember the less flattering moments.
5.     Develop your key messages. Once you’ve identified your strengths and unique characteristics, start crafting the key messages that you want to send out to the world. Key messages are the core ideas, points, and values you want to communicate to your audience.
6.     Take inspiration from inspiring people. Follow people with styles, values, professions you admire and be inspired. A great personal brand can evolve by studying trends and popular or well-known people on social media platforms and adapting their style and approach to suit your individual profile.
7.     Live your brand. It’s so much easier when initially creating a personal brand to have your actual lifestyle and brand in unison. Your personal brand should follow you wherever you go. It needs to be a reflection of who you are on the inside – your beliefs, journey through life, values, and be able to express that through dress and behaviour.
8.     Make your mark so that others evangelize you. The absolute best PR is word of mouth, recommendations, and endorsements from the communities you engage with. Creating a personal brand is no exception to this rule.
REMEMBER – Personal Branding is the story people tell about you when you’re not in the room. Your name and reputation ARE YOUR BRAND. What are the key words and actions you want to be known for? Is your legacy what you want it to be …