W H A T  &  H O W

All consultations have been adapted to online platforms so we can work together from anywhere!

Image analysis and profiling is the art of distinguishing your unique body shape and proportions, adapting those characteristics to your personality and lifestyle, and dressing in a way that highlights your attributes and camouflages your concerns, using the best quality clothing available. An essential element to styling is discovering your individual colour palette and using it to harmonise with the way you present.

Understand how to dress in a way that is effortlessly elegant, comfortable, subtle, and stand out for all the right reasons. 

Styling Consultation – one on one or group workshops

Style is about knowing your body shape and proportions, and adapting those attributes and characteristics to your personality and lifestyle, using the best quality clothing. Knowing how to dress is about looking effortlessly elegant, comfortable, subtle … and standing out for all the right reasons!

The consultation will involve a discussion on lifestyle – time spent at work and play; style preferences and style icons; face shape & body proportions to determine clothing and accessories to balance and harmonise; and how to deceive the eye with figure challenges, and accentuate your best features. I’ll create a tailored profile which includes a Style & Shopping Guide that has been personalised for you.

The seasons change and so do your needs. Stay in touch with someone who knows you, and your wardrobe. I am constantly on the look out for my clients, and I am able to keep you connected to the shops and essential pieces to grow your working wardrobe with sale items and hard to find pieces. I’ll send you images for your consideration, saving you hours of time, frustration, and money on last minute desperate purchases.