My name is Louise, and I truly believe the most important thing when getting dressed is to choose clothes that make us feel great.

Here’s a short YouTube to introduce myself.

We all want to dress in a way that represents our values, lifestyle, and progression through life, both personal and professional. But, getting dressed and feeling good in clothes every day can be a difficult process. By investing in yourself, you can cultivate methods and techniques to develop your personal style through an in depth process of self discovery.

I have expertise in Visual Expression: Colour Profiling; Personal Branding; Professional Styling; and Men’s Image and Style. I empower people to discover their personal brand by identifying their style, physical attributes, and signature colours, enabling them to choose clothing styles that accentuate their best features and downplay their concerns.

I have adapted my Colour, Style, and Wardrobe Programs to an online platform, so we can work together from anywhere. If you’d like to know more, we can arrange a complimentary 15-minute virtual meeting.

I’d love to hear from you.

It’s all about…

+ How you see yourself and how you want to be seen
+ What you like about your body and what you’d like to camouflage
+ How to communicate who you are through visual expression

I work with people who want to master the art of dress, so they can …

+ Shop with direction and precision
+ Express their personality through dress
+ Finesse their dress to reflect their authentic style
+ Mix and match wardrobe pieces to create multiple looks
+ Define their image and the way they’re perceived by others
+ Understand how to complement their physical attributes with colour and clothing, for all occasions.


Colour Consultation

An individual’s style and self expression is enhanced with the correct use of colour. Discovering and using the right colour palette, make-up, clothing textures and design, enables you to project a much stronger and more attractive image.

A Personal Colour Analysis will give you an understanding of how to use colour for wardrobe planning, make-up advice and application, and hair colour recommendations. Colour Analysis will give you strategies to shop and dress in a way that is easy, planned, and will grow your confidence and self esteem.

Embracing your unique colour palette will bring your style to a whole new level.

Style Consultation

Style is about knowing your body shape and proportions, and adapting those attributes and characteristics to your personality and lifestyle, using the best quality clothing. Knowing how to dress is about looking effortlessly elegant, comfortable, subtle, and standing out for all the right reasons!

The consultation will involve a discussion on lifestyle – time spent at work and play; style preferences and style icons; face shape & body proportions to determine clothing and accessories to balance and harmonise; and how to deceive the eye with figure challenges, and accentuate your best features. I’ll create a tailored profile that has been personalised for you.

Wardrobe Makeover

Most wardrobes are full of unworn clothes. On average people wear 20% of what they have. The more you buy, the less it seems you have to wear. You spend money on clothes you already have, and hours trying to get dressed. Wardrobes need to be uncluttered, well organised, and routinely maintained. You need to know what you have in your wardrobe, and how it works together.

After emptying your wardrobe, and separating the items that complement your lifestyle, body shape, and personality, clothing will be rehung on matching appropriate hangers. Your wardrobe will be arranged in a way that you can see everything clearly. Your clothing will be merchandised into categories: shirts; pants; dresses; suits etc and then by event, and colour themes.

Personal Shopping

The personal shopping service involves a minimum two-hour session based on the objectives and budget determined by your profile. Before we meet, I will have a list of shops that have items that compliment your colour palette, body shape, personality, and lifestyle, and also find pieces to fill wardrobe gaps.

Never again spend hours shopping aimlessly, buying expensive mistakes, and purchasing clothing that is a bad fit, a bad colour, doesn’t suit your body shape, or bring out your best!

Virtual Shopping

I will search for building/investment pieces and send image, size, price, & location/URL for you to consider. When I know your colour characteristic; body shape; style; and wardrobe, this will be an invaluable, cost & timesaving service.

Shopping Subscriptions – please enquire.