W H A T  &  H O W

All consultations have been adapted to online platforms so we can work together from anywhere!

Image analysis and profiling is the art of distinguishing your unique body shape and proportions, adapting those characteristics to your personality and lifestyle, and dressing in a way that highlights your attributes and camouflages your concerns, using the best quality clothing available. An essential element to styling is discovering your individual colour palette and using it to harmonise with the way you present.

Understand how to dress in a way that is effortlessly elegant, comfortable, subtle, and stand out for all the right reasons. 

Colour Consultation – one on one or group workshops

Colour can make you feel a certain way – happy, sad, bright, vibrant. It can project strength, energy, honesty, integrity and trust.  Learn how to inject colour into your life!

Embracing your unique colour palette will bring your style to a whole new level.

The colour consultation includes a colour profile, make-up audit, and basic make-up application. I will identify your signature colours – what makes your eyes pop and your skin glow. The consultation will establish your colour palette based on skin tone, eye colour and overall complexion and you’ll learn which colours work best where, and where to wear them! 

Styling Consultation – one on one or group workshops

Style is about knowing your body shape and proportions, and adapting those attributes and characteristics to your personality and lifestyle, using the best quality clothing. Knowing how to dress is about looking effortlessly elegant, comfortable, subtle … and standing out for all the right reasons!

The consultation will involve a discussion on lifestyle – time spent at work and play; style preferences and style icons; face shape & body proportions to determine clothing and accessories to balance and harmonise; and how to deceive the eye with figure challenges, and accentuate your best features. I’ll create a tailored profile which includes a Style & Shopping Guide that has been personalised for you

Wardrobe Makeover

Most Wardrobes are full of unworn clothes. On average people wear 10% of what they have, and the more you buy, the less it seems you have to wear. You spend money on clothes you already have, and hours trying to get dressed. Wardrobes need to be uncluttered, well organised, and routinely maintained. You need to know what you have in your wardrobe, and how it works together

After emptying your wardrobe, and separating the items that complement your lifestyle, body shape, and personality, clothing will be rehung on matching appropriate hangers. Your wardrobe will be arranged in a way that you can see everything clearly. Your clothing will be merchandised into categories: shirts; pants; dresses; suits etc and then by event, and into colour themes.

Personal Shopping

The personal shopping service involves a two hour session based on the objectives and budget determined by your profile. Before we even start, I will have a list of shops that have items that compliment your colour palette, body shape, personality, lifestyle and wardrobe gaps.

Never again spend hours shopping aimlessly, buying expensive mistakes, and purchasing clothing that is a bad fit, a bad colour, doesn’t suit your body shape or bring out your best!

Corporate Programs

According to the Australian HR Institute (2018), the most commonly cited reason that employees give as a reason for leaving is lack of career progression opportunities. Another strong cause of worker movement appears to be a lack of learning and development opportunities. Investing in your people encourages loyalty.

Any organisation’s success lies in the happiness, competence and expertise of the people behind the business. The most transformational thing a company can do for its people is to invest in creating work environments that inspire creativity. An  inspired employee is more than twice as productive as a satisfied employee. 

I offer styling advice to companies and will tailor content and design programs that suit your needs: 

  • Appropriate dress in the workplace
  • Outplacement Programs
  • Graduate Program
  • Fun “what to wear” sessions
  • Grooming tips
  • One to One advice or Group Sessions
  • Create a Dress Code for your Company

Training is based on what values your corporate attire presents and how to look professional, organised and trustworthy. All aspects of business presentation – client meetings, corporate entertaining and day to day personal appearance and etiquette are covered with comprehensive take away notes for each participant.

Corporate sessions are fun and interactive and provide advice and coaching for your employees in a positive manner and ensure your team feels inspired and encouraged.

School Ambassador Program

I have a Schools Ambassador Program which offers in depth coaching sessions designed to equip senior students with the skills and confidence to be successful in scholarship/graduate and job interviews. It will address the challenges faced by students leaving school. Students will discover how to present with confidence, clarity and conviction and how to apply techniques in a business environment.

You can no longer rely on the respect afforded to you by simply wearing your school uniform. Know what to wear, when, how and why. Learn to dress your body shape, communicate your style, build a working wardrobe and investment shop. It is important the students always represent themselves, their school, their organisation, to the best of their ability. We communicate physically, verbally and visually. Make your mark! Always associate yourself with excellence! Stand out in the crowd! Understand the difference between style and fashion.

The seasons change and so do your needs. Stay in touch with someone who knows you, and your wardrobe. I am constantly on the look out for my clients, and I am able to keep you connected to the shops and essential pieces to grow your working wardrobe with sale items and hard to find pieces. I’ll send you images for your consideration, saving you hours of time, frustration, and money on last minute desperate purchases.



Kind words from our clients


“Louise’s innate and timeless sense of style is a natural fit to complement her Colour Palette Profiling. As a regular client at Bella Donna in Forbes, I often enjoyed Louise’s unique personal service which she developed in the course of her twenty years in the boutique. I still love many of the pieces I selected there with her excellent guidance. I recently booked a colour consultation with Louise at my ‘Go To’ Chapter 2 shopping destination. The workshop included a colour profile, makeup audit, and basic makeup application. I then signed up for a complete personal styling experience, identifying my body shape and proportions, and adapting those characteristics to my personality and lifestyle. For my wardrobe makeover Louise was very systematic and thorough, organising my whole wardrobe on matching hangers in a few short hours, including reinstating some lovely clothes that I had bought from her boutique up to twenty years ago! She definitely has an eye for stylish clothes that will last for decades. Louise identified some key wardrobe items that I was lacking, that would enhance and complete a number of outfits that I already owned, and would bring my whole wardrobe together. She showed me I was wasting money buying clothes that I already owned, just needing to add some staple pieces to make them more versatile. Louise helped me to choose two black jackets, one classic and one ‘fun’, and by mixing & matching them with pieces from my existing wardrobe (thanks to Chapter 2 in Forbes), I came up with 33 new outfits! I was thrilled with the results. I love my new wardrobe – everything colour coordinated, neatly hung, and easy to find – if you can’t find it, you can’t wear it. Louise’s advice is not limited to clothes – she looks at jewellery, glasses, handbags, shoes, colours and even hairstyles – everything that goes to create style.

Louise has given me the confidence to wear items more than one way and to add colour – time and money so well spent!”

Accomplished Artist – Designer – Mother

“My day with Louise was most enjoyable. I am an artist and designer and understand much about colour, composition, balance, scale, branding etc but Louise’s knowledge and experience, particularly relating to fashion and styling is exceptional. She is very, very creative. Her enthusiasm and joy comes from a genuine passion about helping people look and present the best they can be. A dignified presentation with a warm, sometimes cheeky delivery of her knowledge on the day, allowed me to take on new thought processes and different ideas. For me there was definitely a few ah hah moments!”

Mother – Trader – Marketing and Psychology Background

“This was a thoroughly enjoyable and useful workshop. Louise made everyone feel at ease and provided advice that was simple and applicable to everyone’s day to day. Whilst clearly there is more that can be done beyond colour, colour is a great place to start to empower you to dress with confidence. Louise really knows ‘dressing’, this one-day workshop benefits not only with self-awareness on how to dress with confidence, dress for occasion and dress to impress but also provides valuable advice that will help you save money when making new clothes purchases and getting the best out of your current wardrobe.”

Graphic Designer – Website Designer – Pilates Instructor

“Everything has been fantastic! I learnt so much about – firstly – colour! Colours I thought were ‘my thing’ turned out to be the opposite. And colours I’d never considered ever, truly allow my skin to glow. The right colours make a world of difference, and portray your values. (Secondly) Style: I feel as though I always struggled with style…stumbling through what to wear, what suits me. Ever have an ‘off’ day and cannot decide what to wear? I’ve had many! It was an incredible learning curve to discover the science of dressing right, for my body shape and also my personality. It’s all starting to make sense now. I was glad to receive an incredibly detailed manual from Louise, which provided me with a huge learning curve … and also included many very prescriptive tips for what to do (and what not to do) in order to dress in a flattering and stylish manner – as I really needed to be guided initially, until I could practice and gain a little confidence to then start to find my own way through all the fashion options, so I was very grateful for this wonderful manual. Louise has been a joy to work with, she is so generous with her knowledge and expertise, I cannot recommend her more highly. I feel as though I’ve gained an Auntie-like friend that truly has my back (and my front and sides too, even my feet). Thank you so much Louise!”

Teacher – Mother – Mentor – Business Women

“A styling session with Louise Bernardi is time and money very well spent. Her depth of knowledge in being able to identify the best clothes to compliment an individual’s eyes, skin colour and body shape is invaluable. I will be able to use the tools she has given me to make better use of my wardrobe and to ensure that any future additions will be purchased with more direction and confidence. Louise is passionate about what she does and she is able to impart her knowledge in a generous and caring manner. I feel empowered after my session with Louise and can highly recommend her business.”

RN – Altruistic Pursuits – Mother

“I felt relaxed talking with Louise, like an old friend. We touched on many things related to colour, style, and self-expression in your presentation. I will be more discerning with my purchases … think about colour and have fun with it, buy less and have things I can wear and wear.

Thank you for opening my eyes to colour Louise and helping me realise we all need to be comfortable and confident about how we present as a reflection of who we are
Truly valuable time we spent together.”

PDHPE Teacher

“It was great! 8-9/10. Things were said that I never thought of, and Louise definitely knows her stuff. Easy to do over zoom as well. And the pre forms were great.

I learnt about what colours suit me best along with some styling tips. I learnt I need to be less lazy when it comes to clothes because it can really help and make you feel more confident and better about yourself. I even noticed the colours I should be using were great and the colours that don’t I noticed how they do wash me out and aren’t great for me.
Amazing consultation on what colours are best for me. Louise does a great job and knows her stuff. Very well organised and easy over zoom if need be. I would definitely recommend if you feel like trying something new and getting out of comfort zone and feeling better about yourself.”