W H A T  &  H O W

All consultations have been adapted to online platforms so we can work together from anywhere!

Image analysis and profiling is the art of distinguishing your unique body shape and proportions, adapting those characteristics to your personality and lifestyle, and dressing in a way that highlights your attributes and camouflages your concerns, using the best quality clothing available. An essential element to styling is discovering your individual colour palette and using it to harmonise with the way you present.

Understand how to dress in a way that is effortlessly elegant, comfortable, subtle, and stand out for all the right reasons. 

Corporate Programs

According to the Australian HR Institute (2018), the most commonly cited reason that employees give as a reason for leaving is lack of career progression opportunities. Another strong cause of worker movement appears to be a lack of learning and development opportunities. Investing in your people encourages loyalty.

Any organisation’s success lies in the happiness, competence and expertise of the people behind the business. The most transformational thing a company can do for its people is to invest in creating work environments that inspire creativity. An  inspired employee is more than twice as productive as a satisfied employee. 

I offer styling advice to companies and will tailor content and design programs that suit your needs: 

Appropriate dress in the workplace

Outplacement Programs

Graduate Program

Fun “what to wear” sessions

Grooming tips

One to One advice or Group Sessions

Create a Dress Code for your Company

Training is based on what values your corporate attire presents and how to look professional, organised and trustworthy. All aspects of business presentation – client meetings, corporate entertaining and day to day personal appearance and etiquette are covered with comprehensive take away notes for each participant.

Corporate sessions are fun and interactive and provide advice and coaching for your employees in a positive manner and ensure your team feels inspired and encouraged.