Thick neck  

What to wear … deep collars; v-neck jumpers; polo shirts

What not to wear … small collars; high round necks; buttoned up shirts

Big tummy

What to wear … vertical stripes; loose tshirts; structured jackets; single breasted suits; knits with horizontal panel across the chest and contrasting darker colour around the tummy

What not to wear … short tops with high waisted pants! Tops that are too long; strong contrasting colours; big belts; skinny leg jeans/pants

Short legs

What to wear … all one colour; vertical stripes; plain shoes; match shoe colour to pants; monochrome colours; slim fit clothing; pointy toe shoe; the key is to streamline/visually lengthen your frame through colour and fit

What not to wear … contrasting colours; baggy clothes; ill fitting clothes; bold prints and patterns; don’t layer longer pieces underneath shorter pieces – this will break the continuity

Man breasts

What to wear … printed shirts; vertical stripes; shirts with pockets; dark colours

What not to wear … see through shirts; fine knit tops

Top heavy

What to wear … boot leg pant; fitted blazer; small pattern shirt; v-neck knits over white t-shirt

What not to wear … short sleeved shirts; tapered pants; double breasted jacket


What to wear … straight leg, light coloured denim jean;Layering allows you to build size; add kilos to your frame by selecting a denser, wool suit; chunkier, heavy jumpers such as cable knits and roll necks add size; white t-shirts, beige chinos, and pastel colours are best to add bulk

What not to wear … nothing second-skin thin for the skinny guy – this includes shirts labelled super-fit or ultra-slim and shirts that are stretchy or clingy; shirts that are too big; fat ties