Future Ready Program

Regardless of who you are – your clothes, body language and attitude always speak first. I facilitate learning programs to support senior students prepare for life beyond a school uniform. This knowledge will equip participants with lifelong soft skills by showing them how to develop a working wardrobe that suits their personal style, and how to adapt their style according to audience and occasion.

I have seen first-hand the rapid transition of my four daughters from school to university to work, and I believe clothing is one of the most powerful, under used, non-verbal communication tools that we have. In interview situations the importance of first impressions on one-time interactions can make all the difference to building a credible professional reputation for career success. Feeling good creates confidence and confidence is key to achieving goals.

I contextualise programs to suit different schools with different students’ requirements by identifying barriers, challenges, and students’ interests – the key is to find what motivates the students and shape the program accordingly. The four Modules are set out in order of delivery, and consist of theory, group exercises and individual reflections. The duration and content can be adjusted according to desired outcome.