First published at Vogue

Every woman in the world can sympathise with the ongoing drama of ‘What am I going to wear today?!’

No matter what type of style you have, here are a few ways you can take the stress out of getting ready in the morning.

  1. The basics Having a well-rounded wardrobe that covers all occasions makes getting ready in the morning much less stressful. Take the time to invest in the wardrobe essentials that will empower you to create an array of go-to outfits with ease. Personally I’m a huge lover of black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt paired with white sneakers and a longline blazer. Below are my wardrobe essentials:

The classics: a black boyfriend blazer, pencil skirt, a striped T-shirt and cigarette pants. Whites: invest in a good linen or cotton white T-shirt and shirt. A little black dress: every girl needs at least one little black dress. Denim for days: a wardrobe essential, jeans are one of my go-tos! I love a good black skinny jean, vintage blue denim and ripped white jeans. The footwear four: these four staples can finish off a look perfectly. It’s all about the sneaker, black leather boots, a classic pump and slides. Statement: invest in a designer piece that adds a little wow factor to your wardrobe, from a Georgia Alice top to an Ellery dress. Leather: toughen up your look with a leather jacket.

  1. Order Creating order in your wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to make getting ready in the morning stress free. Personally I order my wardrobe in categories, for example: blazers, jackets, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, dresses, tops etc. This simple step literally makes your clothing much more accessible and organised, rather than wasting time hunting high and low for that Bassike T-shirt you know is hiding away in your wardrobe somewhere. The key is keeping your wardrobe this way. Make the effort to give your wardrobe a refresh once a week on a Sunday evening, ready to power through the week ahead in style and ease.
  2. Prep Preparation is the quickest way to avoid feeling stressed in the morning. Set aside five minutes each night before you go to bed to check the weather and your diary before selecting your outfit the following day. Thoroughly check your outfit to see if anything needs ironing and once it’s good to go, hang the outfit at the front of your wardrobe with your accompanying accessories. This little bit of prep also allows you more time in the morning to make a fresh smoothie or indulge in a coffee on your way to work.
  3. Accessories Accessories can bring the perfect finishing touch to your look. Make sure your favourite pieces of jewellery, eyewear, shoes and belts are accessible to you when you are getting ready in the morning. I love to keep my jewellery displayed neatly on my bedside table and I keep all my shoes and belts ordered in my wardrobe where I can see them. It may sound simple, but when you’re stressing that your outfit isn’t complete, a simple shoe or new necklace can finish off your look perfectly.